Steps Involved in a Professional Carpet Cleaning

by Admin on September 18, 2009

A professional carpet cleaning company should be expected to follow a certain process when they arrive at your home. The technician should be presentable with a clean uniform, or at least a well kept. Ripped t-shirts and cutoffs should be a warning sign. If you feel uncomfortable, do not allow them in your home.

The technician should conduct a thorough walk through of the areas to be cleaned with the homeowner. The tech should ask questions about the age of the carpet, and whether it has been cleaned before and how often. They should also ask about any spots that you are particularly concerned about. They should also ask if there are children or pets present in the home. The cost to get pet stains out of carpet can greatly increase the price. These questions will help the technician determine what professional carpet cleaning equipment  may be appropriate for this job.

After you and the technician have agreed to the cleaning methods and price they should begin the cleaning process. All professional carpet cleaning companies have different methods of cleaning; however, there are certain steps they all should follow. The technician should start by vacuuming all the areas to be cleaned. Vacuuming will remove large, loose soil particles. If not removed, these soil particles will turn to mud once the tech starts cleaning, causing the tech to use more moisture then necessary.

Next, the technician should pre-spray any areas that are excessively dirty or spots that need special attention. Main traffic lanes in living rooms and halls are examples of areas that generally need to be pre-sprayed. Pre-spraying will help loosen soils while the technician sets-up additional equipment. The technician will then begin their cleaning process. The tech should start in the farthest part of the house and work their way back towards the entry point. This allows the technician to not track across the freshly cleaned carpet.

Once done cleaning, the technician should remove all equipment from the home. At this time, the technician should conduct another walkthrough with the homeowner to make sure the cleaning is acceptable. The technician should also point out any areas that were not successfully remedied. They then should groom the carpet with a carpet rake. The rake will stand the carpet fibers back up and give the carpet a nice even look. The rake also helps distribute moisture on the carpet fibers, allowing for a small increase in drying time. All of these steps should be included by any professional carpet cleaning business.

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