Carpet Cleaning Costs

by Admin on November 28, 2009

The cost of carpet cleaning can vary widely depending on where you live. Carpet cleaning costs will also vary depending on whether you do it yourself or you hire a professional carpet cleaner. One thing is for certain; carpet is a very large investment in your home and needs to be maintained properly for long life.

If you decide to clean your carpets yourself, you should know the limitations of this method. Many people will rent a carpet cleaning machine from the local hardware store or big retailer. Often times the rental of the machine and the cleaning solutions can be nearly as much as a professional cleaning. Another option for the do-it-yourselfer is the steam vacuums common on the market today. The problem with these machines is the fact that there is little to no agitation to break soils loose from the fibers. Also, the vacuum from these machines is inadequate to remove the moisture from the carpet. These machines are fine for maintenance in between professional cleaning; however, they should not be a substitute.

For professional cleaning, the pricing is usually determined by the area you live in. Most companies in a geographic area will price similarly to make it easier for consumers to compare. The two methods of pricing are square foot and by the room. Carpet cleaning cost per square foot is a fairer way of pricing since you are only charged for the actual carpet cleaned. Room pricing is easier to receive a quote over the phone; however, you may end up paying more than square foot pricing since unmovable items will not be subtracted from the price.

Another determining factor in carpet cleaning cost is the level of service you require. Many cheaper cleaners will rush through the job to get to their next appointment. These cleaners will often sacrifice quality for quantity. They may skip important steps in the cleaning process to shave off some time throughout the day. A quality carpet cleaner will do a thorough walk through of the areas to be cleaned and address any concerns you may have or problem area. They will also vacuum the areas to remove larger, loose soil. Also, they will pre-spray any traffic areas that need special attention. When the cleaning carpet process is finished they will again accompany you through a walk through and make sure you are happy with the cleaning. You can expect to pay more for a service such as this; however, a proper cleaning process almost guarantees your satisfaction.

Carpet cleaning prices can be sometimes be difficult to decipher. Just remember to seek out a company that offers a proper cleaning process to increase your chances of success. You can do the cleaning yourself; however, this should only be for maintenance between regular cleanings.

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