The Many Uses of a Carpet Rake

by Admin on March 28, 2010

You may or may not have heard of a carpet rake before. Carpet cleaners use carpet rakes as an everyday tool in their business. However, many homeowners also use these rakes for use on their carpet. A carpet rake is usually made of nylon fibers and looks very much like a rake you would use in your yard. The main difference in a carpet rake is usually the stiffness of the fibers.

Carpet cleaners have utilized carpet rakes for many years to improve their cleaning and leave the carpet looking great. These rakes are often used in conjunction with pre-sprays to help work the solutions deep into the fibers. This extra agitation often time greatly increases the effectiveness of the pre-sprays. In addition, rakes will be used with things like disinfectants and protectants. These products are often sprayed on the top of the fibers and need to be worked in. Carpet rakes are great for making sure these products come in contact with all areas of the carpet fibers. Finally, a professional carpet cleaner will always groom the carpet when they are finished cleaning. The rake will take out any lines left in the carpet from cleaning, leaving a nice uniform looking carpet.

Carpet rakes can also be used in the home by consumers.  Most vacuum cleaners will not have the agitation necessary to break soil loose from carpet fibers. This is where a carpet rake can be very useful.  Making several passes over the carpet in two different directions with the carpet rake can help loosen the soil before vacuuming. It is also very useful in picking up pet hair. Often times, pet hair will weave itself into the carpet fibers, making it nearly impossible to vacuum up.  In this case it is necessary to use something such as a rake to help break this hair loose and pick it up. Finally, shag carpet rakes were very popular in the 1970s. Long carpet fibers are making a comeback. Using a carpet rake on these long fibers will leave a very nice even look over the carpet.

There are a variety of places a carpet rake can be found. Many janitorial supplies and carpet cleaning supply stores and websites will sell directly to the public. Companies such as JonDon and Interlink Supply have comprehensive websites with many rakes choose from. Also sites such as will have several selections to choose from. EBay is another great place in which to find a carpet rake. EBay will have several new rakes to choose from along with many used rakes for the bargain hunter.

As you can see, nearly anyone can benefit from the use of the carpet rake. These rakes are very useful and are not only used as a means of making the carpet more beautiful, but they also serve a very functional use in conjunction with the vacuum cleaner to remove as much soil and pet hair as possible from the carpet.

Check Out These Great Selling Carpet Rakes!

Keep carpets and rugs looking new and groomed with the Carpet Rake which can be attached to any standard 7/8″ wood handle available at most hardware stores. The firm, flexible bristles loosen crusted, matted pile in
heavy traffic areas to release deeply seated dirt
and grime. Makes your vacuum, cleaning easy.
Plastic head with rounded flexible bristles,
Measured 11-7/8″ long x 5″ wide.
Handle/Pole not included
This unique broom has soft bristles that are made from 100% natural rubber. They grab pet hair like a magnet and are ideal for removing hair, lint, dust, dirt, and more from virtually any surface from clothing, upholstery and carpet to hardwood floors, rugs and tile. Can also be used wet to clean cars, boats, and R.V.’s. The built-in squeegee is perfect for cleaning windows or other flat surfaces. Fully washable and hygienic. Available with a 60″ telescoping handle
Use the Grandi Groom to agitate pre-sprays with ease, allowing the chemical to reach soils and dissolve them prior to extraction. Ideal for agitating carpet after applying protectant to assure maximum adhesion to carpet fibers. After cleaning, use of the Grandi Groom leaves carpet fibers upright for faster drying and a beautifully clean appearance. Complete with handle and head.
The Universal Rug Rake works like magic to remove shedded pet hair from the carpet while restoring your carpet surface! No more sticky paper or rollers, bags to change, cords to unwrap or outlets to look for. It picks up down deep where the vacuum can’t reach. A unique cleaning tool with pet hair appeal. Tin plated bristles are reinforced and secured into a plastic frame. Pull handle out to 4 foot length and twist to lock in place. Lightweight, easy to use, convenient to store. You’ll see the difference. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Bellevue carpet cleaning April 1, 2010 at 9:38 pm

Good article on carpet rakes. I just had a customer last week try to get me to sell her mine.

carpet rake May 27, 2010 at 11:32 pm

Hi,,,i think the article very niche and interesting…many information about carpet rake …thanks for sharing…i like it.Actually, i also have the web carpet rake..i think can do exchange link…i will wait respons…my web http: //

Hero Cleaners November 10, 2010 at 4:21 pm

Hey Bellevue,
You should carry an extra one for just that reason. It is a good add on sale.

Margie March 14, 2011 at 1:26 am

Hello, I’m looking for a rug rake, or carpet rake, but i’m looking for one that is wooden. I feel that the metal tins would break the fibers of the carpet. All I want to do is lift the material up, from a matted look. Thank You, Margie

Admin March 14, 2011 at 2:40 am

Hello Margie,
All carpet rakes have rigid plastic “teeth”. They will not damage the fiber in any way. The most popular is the Grandi Groomer. It is tough and lasts forever. I used this rake for many years cleaning carpet.

You may see an improvement with the matted carpet, but you may need a professional cleaning to really see a difference. Dirt and grim can become caked in fibers and is sometimes impossible to remove with home remedies. Also, some fibers just loose their resiliency after awhile. Depending on the age and wear of the carpet it may just simply be past its useful life.

stacey May 9, 2011 at 2:47 am

Hello Margie,
I am old enough to remember shag carpet the first time and the wooden rake is the best! I am looking for one too. Wish I knew where or how to make one. Dang it.
Thanks, Stacey

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