Dry Carpet Cleaners

by Admin on April 27, 2011

Many people have read about or at least heard of dry carpet cleaners. There are a number of products available in retail locations which can be used by homeowners on their carpets. There are also a number of professional carpet cleaners which specialize in dry carpet cleaning. Before deciding whether or not using these dry cleaning methods is right for you it is important to understand exactly what it is and what to expect.

Household Dry Carpet Cleaners

There is no shortage of carpet cleaners on the cleaning isles of the big box retailers. However, within this section there are a few carpet cleaners labeled as carpet dry cleaners. These typically come in a powdered form which you can spread on your carpet and work in with a brush of some type. After allowing these cleaners to dwell for a short amount of time you simply vacuum up the dry powder which has attracted dirt and other pollutants from your carpet. Generally speaking, these cleaners actually do a pretty good job of attracting soils. However, the problem is removing these dry carpet cleaners from the carpet. No matter how good you think your vacuum is it will not remove every bit of cleaner from the carpet. This usually results in the cleaner staying in the carpet where it attracts more dirt. This can cause the carpet to look dirty very quickly as soil is concentrated in your traffic lanes. Dry carpet cleaning is generally best left to the professionals.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Many companies which tout dry carpet cleaning are actually utilizing low moisture carpet cleaning. They use the term “dry” to indicate faster dry times after they have finished. There are specialty dry carpet cleaners, but most of these methods are used for commercial carpet. Companies such as Chem Dry carpet cleaners use low moisture methods which feature a hot carbonated cleaning solution which is applied with a machine that creates a tremendous amount of agitation and vacuum lift. To thoroughly get carpets cleaned there should be a small amount of moisture. Do not be afraid of a company using the term low moisture carpet cleaning instead of dry cleaning carpet.

Commercial Dry Carpet Cleaners

If you own a small business or an office complex you can utilize dry carpet cleaning. There are a number of firms which specialize in using dry products which can even be used during business hours with no threat of slip and falls. Many of these companies will use specialty powdered cleaners which can be applied and worked into the low pile carpet with machines which resemble floor buffers. They will then allow this cleaner to dwell for 15 to 20 minutes and then simply vacuum it up removing the soil with it. These methods can work very well in a commercial setting on low pile carpet, but they are not very practical for residential purposes.

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Bob Miller August 29, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Dry techniques are not nearly as effective as clean techniques, as far as my knowledge goes. I’d much rather go with conventional cleaners because I know the end results are going to be superior.
-Bob from Rug Cleaning Services

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